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Track and Discover

Remember, Analyze, Collaborate, and Improve

Chronolomi was created specifically for contemplative minds and for those who are struggling to keep track of the things going on in their lives. If you fall into either of those categories then Chronolomi can help.

  1. Keep track of the events of your life; the significant as well as the mundane.
  2. Enhance your life and get better results by examining your actions and their outcomes.
  3. Record events alongside others with which you share responsibility.

Guess and struggle no longer. Let Chronolomi handle that nonsense.

Remember It

Track things as they happen. Chronolomi will remember them for you to be recalled again anytime.

No more digging through old calendars, receipts, bank statements, or whatever. The days of hunting down when are over.

Pull up or create an item in seconds. Then, with a single tap or click, a new event can be recorded; never to be forgotten again. If you've ever tried keeping track of events via spreadsheets, notes, voice memos, or the like then you know how unruly such systems can quickly become.

Use Chronolomi technology to simplify the noise and get back to whatever else you were doing. It was undoubtedly more enjoyable.

Item list

Cause & Effect

Recognize patterns in your behavior and in the behavior of those around you. Discover elusive cause-and-effect relationships. Are you experiencing dietary distress or pain and having trouble finding the cause? Are you trying to figure out a schedule that produces the most benefitial results?

Chronolomi can show you how your behavior correlates with different kinds of outcome. View charts showing events over time and discover what you've been missing.



Make event recording and tracking a team effort. Do you share responsibilities with someone else or with a group? Perhaps you and other members of your family are caring for an elderly parent or for a child that resides in more than one household. With Chronolomi, you can share items with others; giving all of you the ability to view and record events.

Security & Privacy


Security and privacy are taken very seriously here. Your data will be stored securely and protected from unauthorized access. It will not be sold to or shared with any outside entity. You may choose to share one or more of your items with other Chronolomi users but that is as far the sharing goes.

Two-factor authentication is required to use the service. This ensures a higher level of security.

When you create an account; login; or make changes to your account details, a temporary code/token will be sent. This code will be used to verify your identity. If the code is incorrect, the action cannot be performed.

Use Chronolomi with confidence knowing that your information is well protected.

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Use Chronolomi for free. Try it out and see what you think. With a free license you'll be able to keep track of one item and share it with a few others. It's a great way to see if the service is right for you. If you like what you see upgrade anytime to track more items and share with more people.

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Stop forgetting the events of your life. Discover the benefits of keeping track of what you've done and analyzing the results.


If ever there comes a time when you decide to stop using Chronolomi, cancellation is a simple tap or click away.


Reactivation is just as easy. Just login and hit the Reactivate button. You'll, once again, have access to all the same features as before.

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